Staff Profile: Tom, House Manager

You might call him a handyman, but Tom is so much more than Mr. Fix-It. He’s kind, curious and compassionate, too.

Tom’s connection to Bethany House dates back to the very first family we served when Bethany House was located on Eastern Avenue. Through his friendship with our first guest, he later met Kathy Griffin, the case manager at Bethany House.

Kathy knew of Tom’s abilities in home remodeling and asked if he’d take one day a week to fix things around the home. He said yes, of course, and filled the role part-time until Bethany House relocated in 2009 and we asked him to join the team on a full-time basis.

Not only is he a wizard at fixing what’s broken, he thinks ahead to extend the functional life of all parts of the building.

Tom’s thoughtful approach helps us to better plan for the repairs and refurbishment needed to maintain a welcoming, comfortable home for the families residing with us.

Tom House Manager Bethany House
What excites you about the mission?

I truly enjoy helping make a positive difference in people’s lives and knowing that the children affected by domestic violence have a safe, comfortable home and a chance for a healthy future.

How does your background impact your work at Bethany House?

I was always fixing things, problem-solving, and learning something I didn’t know before. My interest in understanding different people led me to read, research, listen to others to gain knowledge of what motivates people, what has impacted their lives, and what shapes their viewpoints.

What is a 2024 goal you are most excited to work on?

Personally, my goal is to stay healthy and continue to support the residents of Bethany House, and to see the new residents coming to Bethany House find benefit in our services.

What is the biggest challenge those we serve are facing in 2024?

Emotional and financial security are two common challenges for our guests, regardless of the year. We’ve seen some uneasiness in the economy over the last several months, which makes financial security all the more important.

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