Silent Witness Project

Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project

In 1990, the Silent Witness Project began hosting community-based exhibits to make visible the tragic results of domestic violence, educate people about its prevalence, and advocate for an end to it. Today, the Silent Witness Project is an international force with displays in all 50 states and 23 countries.

The Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project exhibit features more than 50 figures and dozens of retired chest plates, each representing a life abruptly and violently ended by an intimate partner or stalker.

The goals of this exhibit are to:

– Remember women who were murdered in acts of domestic violence.
– Raise awareness about the extent of domestic violence in our communities.
– Advocate for and connect people with local resources for ending the violence in their lives.
– Encourage community and legislative action to end domestic violence in our society.


Community organizations are invited to borrow all or part of the Silent Witness collection for display at public events. In this way, the community can remember girls and women lost to domestic violence, show awareness of the devastating effects of violence in the Northwest Ohio community, and advocate for an end to these senseless losses of life. Local community organizations, centers, businesses, schools, universities, colleges and places of worship are welcome to borrow one or more of the Silent Witnesses.

If you are interested in borrowing the Silent Witnesses, please download the Silent Witness Borrower’s Request, fill it out, and email it to Bethany House at or fax to (419) 729-2053.


An important way to support the Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project is by sponsoring one or more Silent Witness figures. Silent Witnesses can be sponsored by individuals or groups. Local businesses or organizations are also encouraged to make monetary donations to support the project. The cost to sponsor a Silent Witness figure is $75.00

Current Figures

The Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project consists of over 100 Silent Witnesses whose lives were abruptly and violently ended at the hands of a spouse, ex-spouse, partner or stalker. You may choose to read each current Silent Witness story by clicking the names below. Please be aware these chest plate stories are graphic, as they describe how each victim died. We remember their names.

Retired Figures

In order to keep the Silent Witness display current, figures are “retired” after ten years. However, their chest plates are kept and displayed at the annual Unveiling Ceremony every October. We remember their names.
  • Rhonda Anaya
  • Dawn Atwater
  • Elizabeth Bartkavage
  • Rachelle Baskey
  • Linda Beach
  • Julia Beford
  • CreJonnia Bell
  • Patricia Booher
  • Arletha Brown
  • Cheryl Bugbee
  • Teresa Burge
  • Denise Butler-Joiner
  • Vanessa Byrd-Tucker
  • Alicia Castillon
  • Carmen Chitman
  • Karen Coldwell
  • Guadalupe Costilla
  • Susan Cox
  • Lynnette Craft
  • Kimberly Dantzer
  • Christina Deal
  • Michelle Descant
  • Danielle Robinson Donoho
  • LuAnn Downard
  • Alisha Duncan
  • Charlotte Evans
  • Claudia Fonseca
  • Henrietta Foster
  • Leandra Frankum
  • Laura Gaddy
  • Kaitlin Gerber
  • Carol Geringer
  • Katie Glassner
  • Carlin Glenn
  • Melanie Golden
  • Brenda Gould
  • Ericka Graham
  • Shynerra Grant
  • Ursula Graves
  • Catrise Gregory
  • Cynthia Hale
  • Cynthia Hawkinberry
  • Sonya Hayes
  • Susan Hichborn
  • Tina Hill-Garren
  • Jazmon Hoskins
  • Crystal Hunt
  • Lisa Hunt
  • Brandy Hurtt
  • Amber Nichole Jones
  • Jordan Jones-Harris
  • Regina Kennedy
  • Cori Key
  • Dana Koberstein
  • Linda Lambert
  • Linsi Light
  • Tammy Bowlin Macrae
  • Wendy May
  • Mary Rose McCollum
  • Tonya McKinley
  • Michelle Mielecki
  • Lorie Miller
  • Jennifer Molnar
  • Vivian Morris
  • Katie Nagel
  • Mirvat Ramadan
  • Susan Ream
  • Laconn Rios
  • Lori Rivera
  • Amy Ross
  • Tamika Rowland
  • Theresa Sahadi
  • Gloria Renee Sears
  • Jennifer Shively
  • Sandra Smith
  • Shantae Smith
  • Beth Spaulding
  • Amanda Steinbrecher
  • Mary Lou Stevenson
  • Debra Stout
  • Wendabi Triplett
  • April Vann
  • Maria Vera
  • Leslie Sexton Waingrow
  • Shirley Walker
  • Katie Walton
  • Kathy Wangler
  • Takia Watson
  • Betty Weaver
  • Stephanie Whitaker
  • Tiffany Wilborn
  • Janae Wilson
  • Holly Zimmer
The Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project is grateful for the ongoing and generous support of Zonta Club of Toledo I. Their sponsorship of no less than 12 Current Figures and their financial support of this website are investments we truly value.
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