Tahtiana White Adult Program Coordinator

Staff Profile: Tahtiana, Adult Program Coordinator

As a people-person with an innate need to help others, Tahtiana battled feelings of isolation while working remotely during the pandemic. When she realized she needed to get back to her passion for helping, she applied to be the Adult Program Coordinator at Bethany House and was invited to join the team.

As a domestic abuse survivor herself, Tahtiana understands the journey of reclaiming one’s freedom and what it takes to rebuild what has been shattered. This is what fuels her purpose in guiding others through similar situations. Her journey is one of resilience and dedication to helping others navigate the darkest of storms.

Tahtiana’s role with Bethany House is not just a professional venture; it is her calling, rooted in her own experiences, driving her passion for serving those in need. She is a full-time advocate, offering specialized safety planning, goal setting, and service coordination.

Read on to learn more about Tahtiana and what’s in store for her in 2024.

What excites you about the mission?

The best part of our mission is that we are meeting people where they are without judgment. It’s exciting to be a part of a mission that protects and provides domestic violence victims/survivors and their children with peace of mind, as well as time and resources to get back on their feet. It is exciting to know that we can provide survivors with continued support and advocacy through their journey to becoming whole again.

How does your background impact your work at Bethany House?

I have worked with survivors of all different abuse types, including human trafficking victims and victims of child abuse. My past experiences allow me to be more understanding and empathetic to those survivors I work with. One thing I have realized working with survivors of different backgrounds is that they all need compassion and understanding. Through my personal experience and what I have learned through the experiences of others, I am able to identify personal and emotional needs and assist in a trauma-informed, knowledgeable manner.

What is a 2024 goal you are most excited to work on?

In 2024, I plan to start doing more groups with victims and survivors, allowing them to express themselves freely, create and execute goals, and bond through fellowship with women alike. I am excited to see the many milestones our survivors will reach this year.

What is the biggest challenge facing those we serve in 2024?

Unfortunately, there are more victims of domestic violence than rooms in any DV shelter here in Lucas County. The biggest challenge I see is helping victims/survivors get out of situations that are unsafe and unhealthy for them and often their children. Housing, employment, and mental health are a few of the areas in which victims/survivors are challenged. In my opinion, being able to touch every victim/survivor in the county is the greatest challenge.

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