Celebrating 40: Sr. Faith Cosky

Sister Faith served the Sisters of St. Francis in the ministry of education from 1965 – 1981 in Toledo and Minneapolis.

Back at the Motherhouse, she served as the Vocations Director and Novice Director, began volunteering at Bethany House in 1984 and became its Administrator in 1990.

After completing her Clinical Pastoral Education studies in 1999, Sister enjoyed a 20-year ministry as Team Leader and Chaplain at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.

Now back in Toledo, Sister currently provides pastoral care in Sandusky and volunteers at Bethany House.

In 2022, Sr. Faith gave an overview of the seven transitional years she spent as the director of Bethany House. We think you will love hearing what she had to say.

β€œIn the 1990s . . . people did not talk about domestic violence. There were a lot of stereotypes about the women who were abused or claimed to be abused. So, it was really quite important that we were reaching a wider audience.”

Volunteer support has been vital to Bethany House from the beginning. Sr. Faith began volunteering in 1984, and she is still a volunteer today.

These days, volunteers help clean the building and organize donations in our Bethany Shoppe, which Sr. Faith helped open.

Others organize donation drives, help with events, or work on special projects around the building. We are grateful to each and every volunteer who helps us bring life to the mission.

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