Board Profile: David, Board Vice Chair

David’s journey with Bethany House is rooted in a spirit of community and service. 

In 2011, he joined a firm boasting a longstanding relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania. David immersed himself in a world of shared values and impactful ministries. 

Through this connection, he had the privilege of collaborating with the Sisters and gaining insight into their transformative work, including the vital role played by Bethany House.

David’s involvement extends beyond mere observation; he participated in an important refresh and upgrade of the Bethany House facility. Through this hands-on experience, he profoundly understood how Bethany House provides support and sanctuary to those in need. 

Today, David serves as Board Vice Chair and Chair of the Governance Committee. 

Read on to learn more about David and what’s in store for him in 2024.

What excites you about the mission?

I am really excited that Bethany House isn’t just a shelter and that the organization is able to provide so much more assistance to those in need than just a roof over their head for a period of time. Advocacy for victims’ rights, counseling, classes on financial literacy, etc., are all services that help these individuals better their situations permanently, not just in the short term.

How does your background impact your work at Bethany House?

My background is in architecture and construction, so I’m able to provide input or contacts regarding the upkeep of the physical facility. Bethany House is blessed with an incredible facility that is very well kept and allows for the Bethany House staff to focus on their goals.

What is a 2024 goal you are most excited to work on?

To keep spreading the word and making sure people are aware of Bethany House, exactly what it is, and how they can help.

What is the biggest challenge those we serve are facing in 2024?

The divisiveness that continues to make headway in today’s society seems to make people less understanding and less compassionate for those who truly need assistance to get out of a bad situation and better themselves.

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