Brandi Doniere Recorder/Secretary

Board Profile: Brandi, Recorder/Secretary

With over two decades of experience advocating for victims of domestic violence, Brandi brings expertise and commitment to her role as recorder/secretary.

After spending valuable time furthering her education and attending a domestic abuse clinic, Brandi decided to use her law degree to advocate for the rights of survivors and fight against the cycle of violence.

Driven by a personal connection to the cause, Brandi understands the prevalent nature of domestic violence and its impact on individuals and families. She has influenced many through legal representation, advocacy, and now board leadership.

Brandi has served on the Bethany House Board of Trustees since 2019 and was a vital guide through the pandemic. 

Read on to learn more about Brandi and what’s in store for her in 2024.

What excites you about the mission?

I love the way that Bethany House helps survivors help themselves and their families through comprehensive services and programs.

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How does your background impact your work at Bethany House?

My legal training certainly enables me to provide information and insight on legal issues. My past experiences working with victims of domestic violence give me an understanding of the obstacles that survivors face and the frustrations that often come from our legal system. I can say with certainty that programs like Bethany House make a huge difference.

What is a 2024 goal you are most excited to work on?

I am excited for Bethany House’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. It is a great opportunity to elevate the profile of Bethany House and ensure that everyone in Northwest Ohio knows how terrific Bethany House is!

What is the biggest challenge facing those we serve in 2024?

I am very concerned about the housing market. There is a lack of affordable housing in the Toledo area, and the problem is getting worse. Survivors of domestic violence and their families, who are usually in vulnerable financial positions, have to compete with many others for the limited number of affordable rental houses and apartments.

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